Nokomis: A Novel [a Muskoka murder mystery]

Nokomis: A Novel [a Muskoka murder mystery]
by Douglas J. Specht



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Cottage property in Muskoka, it turns out, is something to die for. Douglas Specht lived much of his life connected with newspaper work, so not sur- prisingly he kicks off his novel with a front-page story from the Muskoka Sen- tinel: MISSING BOATER’S BODY FOUND IN LAKE. A tragic boating acci- dent can require an unconventional murder investigation to reveal how real estate transactions in the district sometimes unfold. Being elderly property owners along the shores of Muskoka’s largest lake may be less a retirement asset, more a magnet for trouble. It is not a spoiler to this artfully crafted murder mystery to know that Nokomis is Ojibwe for grandmother.

ISBN: 9780973620870 / soft cover, 205 pages / LIST PRICE: $19.95