Muskoka Gold & Greed

Muskoka Gold & Greed
by Liam D. Dwyer and Brad Hammond



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The day begins innocently for Inspector Murdoch when he rescues a strand- ed boater on Lake Muskoka – unaware the man has just stolen a fortune in gold coins from Jose de Sa, a wealthy Florida crime boss. De Sa and his stun- ning young bride, Xiomara, quickly track the missing treasure to Muskoka. Bodies pile up faster than answers, and Murdoch finds himself the target not only of Jose de Sa’s hired thugs, but of the irresistible charms of the lovely Xiomara. Once again, he must deftly navigate the treacherous shoals of greed as the action speeds through the rocky channels of Lake Muskoka.

ISBN: 9781778049347 / softcover, 189 pages / LIST PRICE: $22.95