Explore Muskoka

Explore Muskoka
by Susan Pryke



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Explore Muskoka is neither a history book nor a travel guide but a helpful blend of both. There’s somewhat less emphasis on current activities than historical background; Susan Pryke is, after all, a Muskoka historian. With Muskoka Ontario’s most popular destination area, having more resorts and tourist establishments than elsewhere, the book points readers to sources of additional current information rather than attempting to be more than what it is – an “explorer’s guide.”

As a result, Explore Muskoka is lively and concise, distilling pertinent and interesting information about scenic routes, enjoyable attractions, history behind place names, points of interest, and the author’s personal asides.

Author Information

Susan Pryke’s evident affection for Muskoka’s landscape and heritage began by growing up in the District, at Sparrow Lake. Her teenage summers were spent tackling “every job you could possibly have at a resort.” Earning a bachelor of science degree from University of Toronto, Pryke taught school in Ontario and Australia. A professional writer, she has written a number of Muskoka history books and magazines features. Susan Pryke has served as mayor of Muskoka Lakes Township.


Publisher: Boston Mills Press, Erin, Ontario

Category: Nature & Adventure, Resorts & Vacationing, Guidebooks & Cookbooks, Pictorial Works

ISBN: 9781550462418

Price: $19.95

Format: Paperback, 168 pages

Features: illustrated with colour photos by G.W. Campbell and black-and-white archival pictures; maps; index