Muskoka / Ontario’s Playground

A History of Recreation & Sport in Ontario’s Cottage Country, 1860-1945

Muskoka / Ontario’s Playground
by Ray Love



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Author Ray Love combines the recreational pursuits of year-round Muskokans and summer visitors to portray, as he says, “what they did for exercise and fun.” With photographs from a variety of sources, the book visually presents such pursuits as fishing, hunting, watersports, lacrosse, baseball, track and field, hockey, and other winter sports. A number of Muskokans who achieved national fame in sports are mentioned.

Author Information

Muskokan Ray Love, in addition to teaching history, geography, and economics at the high school level, was a basketball coach. He himself engaged in a sporting life through basketball, golf, Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, soccer, rugby, softball, swimming, and cycling.


Publisher: Friesen Press, Victoria, B.C.

Category: Social & Cultural

ISBN: 9781525526237

Price: $23.95

Format: paperback, 140 pages

Features: black and white photos