A Paddler's Guide to Algonquin Park

A Paddler's Guide to Algonquin Park
by Kevin Callan



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Ontario's Algonquin Park is one of North America's foremost canoeing destinations. It's a paddler's paradise of spectacular lakes, rivers and marshes surrounded by maple hills and rocky ridges. The only way to explore the interior of the park is by canoe or on foot. Visitors are invariably rewarded with an unforgettable chorus of howling wolves and calling loons -- just 200 miles from Toronto.

Algonquin Park covers 4,700 square miles -- almost the size of Delaware. With over 1,200 miles of canoe routes and nearly 400 lakes, it can be a daunting task to choose and undertake a trip. Kevin Callan has canoed these routes for two decades, and his advice and descriptions are like having a seasoned guide tailor the perfect trip.

Callan has chosen 25 canoe routes of varying difficulty, from the most popular and easiest to deep backcountry routes most suitable for experienced canoeists. Information has been updated according to any change in park conditions, regulations, closed routes, and so on. He also gives advice on the logistical and practical matters that come with planning a canoe trip, including:

  • Route difficulty
  • Portages
  • Campsite locations
  • Put-in and take-out recommendations
  • Alternative access points
  • Updated list of local outfitters and guides
  • Updated web sites and more.

This updated edition adds routes and maps, and is easier to use.

Author Information

Kevin Callan is the author of thirteen books, including the best selling “The Happy Camper”, the incredibly popular series of paddling guides, and most reviewed “Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss”. On a regular basis, he presents across North America and has been a key speaker at all the major canoe events for over 25 years.


Publisher: Boston Mills Press 2 edition 2012

Category: Guidebooks & Cookbooks

ISBN: 978-1770850583

Price: $24.95 CDN

Format: Softcover, 176 pages, 6 x 9 in

Features: Coloured Maps