Life on the Edge (DVD)

Stories From Muskoka's Past

Life on the Edge (DVD)
by The Ontario Visual Heritage Project



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The story of Muskoka is one strongly tied to the environment. For centuries, the granite that lies beneath its surface has shaped life on the edge of the Canadian shield. From the Anishinabek - who traditionally plied the waterways throughout the district according to the cycles of the seasons, to the European settlers - who struggled to farm amidst the boulders, to the first tourists - who dared to venture into the sparsely settled wilderness. This is the story of those seeking opportunity just beyond the familiar, on the edge of the unknown North.

This two-hour documentary film explores the intriguing history of the Muskoka district and its people through interviews with historians, archival films, photographs, and re-enactments of historical events.


Producer: Living History Multimedia Association, 2008

Director: Zach Melnick

Narrator: Ian Bell

Price: $19.95 CDN

Format: NTSC DVD (136 minutes + extras), English, Optional French Subtitles

Features: Timeline, Story & Map Navigation, Additional Scenes