Muskoka Falls: The Village, 1859-2018

Muskoka Falls: The Village, 1859-2018
by Patricia Stott-Prince



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In earliest days of Muskoka colonization, the District’s most central place was also its most spectacularly beautiful. Two colonization roads intersected here, just where Muskoka’s most dramatic waterfall plunged a hundred feet down a rock faced chasm. More than once, plans were drawn up for a burgeoning community, sometimes called Muskoka Falls, othertimes Muskokaville. Author of the locale’s history, Patricia Stott-Prince, who grew up in Muskoka Falls, calls the place “The Town that never grew.”

Her history is, instead, that of a fine and lively small village. The book’s 16 chapters recount, with rich personal detail through successive eras from 1859 to the present, wide-ranging stories about the falls, the roads, the people of the village, the special activities of Muskoka Falls women, the school, church, and cemetery.

Author Information

Patricia Stott-Prince


Publisher: Patricia Stott-Prince, Gravenhurst, 2018

Category: Local history, memoir

ISBN: 9781775362906

Price: $25.00 CDN

Format: Softcover, 165 pages, maps and photographs, index, 8½ x 11 in