True Tales of Early Muskoka

Reminiscences of Redmond Thomas

True Tales of Early Muskoka
by George H.O Thomas



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True Tales of Early Muskoka is almost like "insider information" on the renowned district that bridges southern and northern Ontario, because the Thomas family in Bracebridge has been intimately connected with a wide range of Muskoka activity across the generations.

This book contains the writing of three of the family's most distinguished members—George, Redmond, and Douglas.

George Thomas's account of the district's capital town in 1884 is virtually unknown history because his small book, republished within these covers, has been out of print for many long years. George Thomas was a teacher, school principal, retailer, businessman, newspaper editor and publisher, town councillor and mayor—each providing a different window through which he was able to see Bracebridge and its townsfolk.

The main writing in True Tales of Early Muskoka is by George's son Redmond, whose law practice, many years service as magistrate, and role as editor and publisher of the Bracebridge Gazette likewise put him directly in touch with aspects of Muskoka few others knew.

Douglas Thomas also had a rare vantage point from his positions as District Judge and chairman of the McConnell Foundation assisting Muskoka families in need. In writing this book's Foreword to introduce the work of his father George and his brother Redmond, Douglas sheds new personal light on both men which underscores why this colourful, accurate, and engaging collection of stories about Muskoka's earlier days is unique.

Author Information

By the time Redmond Thomas penned these reminiscences in the late 1960s, he was seasoned in life as a lawyer, athlete, soldier, newspaper editor, and magistrate. Steeped in history of Muskoka and his home town Bracebridge, which he cherished, Thomas not only savoured the district's good stories, he knew how to tell them with charming flourish.


Publisher: Muskoka Books, 2014

Category: Biography & Memoir / History / Cultural Life

ISBN: 978-0-9864867-1-5

Price: $24.95 CDN

Format: Paperback, 234 pages, 6 x 9 in

Features: B&W photos, map, bibliography. Includes bonus feature Bracebridge in 1884 by George H.O. Thomas.