Bridge of Hope

The Life of Rene M. Caisse, R.N. and the History of Essiac

Bridge of Hope
by James W. Demers



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For 55 years nurse Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, Ontario, stood her ground against the medical establishment which claimed she was "practising medicine" without a licence and providing a secret-formula cancer treatment whose efficacy had never been proven in clinical trials. Yet thousands claimed her herbal tea "Essiac" had eased their suffering, or even restored them to full health. In Bridge of Hope, James Demers tells this important saga in Canadian medical history in a dramatic manner, and pays tribute to Rene Caisse's life-long mission of healing.

Author Information

Born in Quebec, author James W. Demers started as a teacher, but retired after publishing his first novel in 1974 to write full-time and devote himself to heritage restoration in northern Ontario, a personal campaign to re-establish morality in education, and writing non-fiction books, with eight published between 1989 and 2003, one being Bridge of Hope. He also engaged in curriculum development for school boards, and produced a dozen TV documentaries. After a long battle with cancer himself, the author of this book about Rene Caisse's Muskoka clinic to treat tumours with Essiac, died at Thunder Bay, Ontario, on June 4, 2010.


Publisher: Bracebridge Publishing, 2003

Category: Biography & Memoir / History

ISBN: 978-0-9682448-1-4

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Format: Paperback, 164 pages, 6 x 9 in

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