A Steamboat Captain's History of Muskoka

A Steamboat Captain's History of Muskoka
by Levi R. Fraser



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Muskoka's very essence is inseparably entwined with the lakes.  No one knew this better than savvy steamboat captains. One of them, Captain Levi Fraser, also saw Muskoka from the perspective of a pioneer and local government leader.

His 1940s history of Muskoka, in this enriched new edition, brings it all back to life with engaging portraits of all the District's major lakes and towns, resorts and tourism, lumbering, boating, cultural life, newspapers, social and religious activity, local government, and his own adventures as a captain.

Author Information

Levi R. Fraser

Edited by Richard S. Tatley


Publisher: Muskoka Books 2014

Category: Biography and Memoirs, / Communities and locales, / History

ISBN: 978-0-9864867-6-0

Price: $24.95 CDN

Format: Softcover, 251 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in

Features: 115 B&W photographs