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by Donna E. Williams; J. Patrick Boyer
The District of Muskoka, today celebrated as a vacation paradise, began as a sort of hell for many would-be farmers who arrived to claim its "free land". This is the true story of one special chapter in that dramatic saga.
by Susan Pryke
Huntsville never had an easy time during its formative decades. Founded in the 1860s amid the picturesque lakes and rolling wooded hills of northeastern Muskoka, the hamlet struggled in competition with nearby settlements. The arrival of the railway in 18
Let's Dance
by Peter Young
A Celebration of Ontario's Dance Halls and Summer Dance Pavilions is a nostalgic musical journey, recapturing the unforgettable music of youth and lasting friendships, the days when the live mellow sounds of Big Bands wafted through the air...
No Return
by Gordon Aiken
A Novel of the Canadian Election that Vanished in Muskoka's Backwoods. Canadians took politics seriously in the years following Confederation and Gordon Aiken’s novel about pioneer Muskoka and the fledgling nation’s capital shows why.
Parry Sound
by Adrian Hayes
Parry Sound, at the mouth of the Seguin River on Georgian Bay, is the gateway to Parry Sound District. The town's economy and society have changed dramatically over the decades, as author Adrian Hayes shows with accurate research and colourful episodes.
Raw Life
by J. Patrick Boyer
While dispensing speedy justice, Muskoka Magistrate James Boyer kept a written record of his cases in a "bench book." Recently discovered by his great-grandson, lawyer J. Patrick Boyer, that record now provides the raw material for Raw Life.
The Big Blue Machine
by J. Patrick Boyer
The Progressive Conservative Party’s “big blue machine” pioneered electoral techniques of centralized control, communications, campaign advertising, polling, policy-presentation, and fund-raising. Inspired by Dalton Camp and Norman Atkins, its widespread
The March of Days
by Patricia M. Boyer
This collection of writings displays a woman's "optimistic realism" with the grace, concern, intelligence and wit of a perceptive community leader who infused her articles with learning from literature and astute sensibility to human psychology.
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