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Alex Mortimer & The Beast of Wildeor
by B.A. Dearsley
Alex Mortimer discovers a long-kept secret: he's the last of the Lords of Allegiance, a once powerful ancient order connected to King Arthur. On his journey to Wildeor, Alex soon finds out he's all that stands between mankind and certain annihilation.
Either Side of 55: Prospecting Adventures
by James Tough
Prospector and writer James Tough puts into words the daring exploits and dire experiences he encountered between 1962 and 1992 while prospecting in remote locations for valuable mineral deposits, in the process holding a mirror to northern and frontier r
Elusive Dawn: Book 2
by Gabriele Wills
Impeccably researched, beautifully written, Elusive Dawn will resonate with the reader long after the final page has been turned.
Murdoch in Muskoka Omnibus One
by Liam D. Dwyer
In these first three complete Murdoch in Muskoka tales, author Liam Dwyer proves why Inspector Ian Murdoch is a perennial favourite of Muskoka mystery fans.
by Janet Turpin Myers
Nightswimming is a delicate and layered novel about what happens to us when our first exploration of love, like astronauts swimming through the dark unknowns of space, takes us somewhere we never intended to go.
Of the Faithful Departed
by Liam D. Dwyer
Father William O’Brien had been parish priest in a small rural Ontario village for 28 years when, one morning in November 1987, he was found dead in his rectory. But why would he leave a box with a revolver and a journal for his best friend?
Providence Island
by Gregor Robinson
Returning to Ontario's northern lakes as an adult to bury his father, Ray Carrier is taken back not only to a tangled romance in that green paradise but also to the forests and lonesome swamps that have haunted his dreams.
Snakes & Ladders
by Shaun Smith
Thirteen-year-old Paige Morrow becomes concerned when the farmer who owns the property her family cottage is on hires a creepy arborist — a "tree doctor," Paige's mother calls him. When Paige befriends the arborist's troubled teenage daughter,…
The Landing
by John Ibbitson
After the Great Depression, Ben, who sneaks in violin practice between chores, gets a job fixing up an old cottage on nearby Pine Island where he is introduced to a world of wealth and privilege, making him even more desperate to escape Cook's Landing.
The Law of Three
by Caroline Rennie Pattison
When Sarah, intrigued by rumours about the Hopper family, tries to get to the bottom of an alleged murder, she finds that the family has another secret: they’re Wiccans.
The Redemption of Oscar Wolf
by James Bartleman
Starting in the 1930s, it traces the coming-of-age story of Oscar Wolf, an aboriginal boy from the Chippewas of Rama Indian Reserve in Ontario who is abandoned by his mother but eventually finds his way to multiple successes in life, encouraging us to exa
The Roads of Go Home Lake
by Christina Kilbourne
The Roads of Go Home Lake is a novel of heritage and blood, it is a novel of courage and healing, it is a novel of inner growth and universal hope.
The Summer Before The Storm: #1
by Gabriele Wills
The Summer Before The Storm, the first of "The Muskoka Novels", evokes a gracious, bygone era that still resonates in this legendary land of lakes.
The Whole, Entire, Complete Truth
By Caroline Rennie Pattison
When Sarah discovers a poaching ring on a neighbouring farm in her small Muskoka town, she will stop at nothing to save the wild black bears.
Tree Fever
by Karen Hood-Caddy
The life of fiftyish Jessie Dearborn takes an unexpected turn when a ruthless developer threatens to cut down century-old trees in her Muskoka town in order to build a condominium. Surprising even herself, she steps in front of a chainsaw to defend…
Twilight Dynasty
by Barry H. Smith
A co-ed flees out of the Muskoka woodlands of Canada pursued by a horrible creature. A beautiful psychic is being stalked by a deadly stranger. These incidents draw divorce attorney, Kyle Morrow, into a battle that leads him far beyond the courtroom…
Under the Moon: #3
by Gabriele Wills
In this third volume of the acclaimed Muskoka Novels series, Gabriele Wills vividly evokes the triumph and tragedy of the glittering Jazz Age as it seduces a privileged summer community, and we stand witness to its sultry dance, Under the Moon.
Where Lives Take Root
by Christina Kilbourne
Where Lives Take Root is a re-write of Kilbourne’s award-winning debut novel, Day of the Dog-tooth Violets. It is aimed at young adults, but will also be enjoyed by readers of adult literary fiction.
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