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Alligators of the North
by Harry B. Barrett and Clarence F. Coons
A Canadian invention that very few persons have heard of had a profound effect on the pine logging industry during the late 1800s and the early decades of the1900s. The logging of eastern white and red pine in Ontario's Ottawa Valley, the Georgian Bay and
Grace & Speed
paintings by Doug Dunford, text by Andrew Wagner-Chazalon
Painter Doug Dunford has devoted many years to capturing on canvas the wooden runabouts of Ontario’s Muskoka region. This volume contains some of his finest work and the magic that can happen when a skilled painter is moved by the work of skilled boatbui
Muskoka Steamships
by John McQuarrie
Photographer John McQuarrie delivers a vivid portrait of Muskoka's steamboat history and its present-day reality. This book can be gift, souvenir, or education through imagery.
Muskoka's Main Street
by Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith
Muskoka's Main Street describes the road's 150-year history through the eyes of people who designed, built, and travelled it, and who settled along its winding course to carve communities from raw bush.
Port Sydney Past
by George H. Johnson
The Muskoka village of Port Sydney had reason to aspire to be the district's northern metropolis, until the railway bypassed the community in the 1880s. George Johnson's Port Sydney Past is a rich record of the busy locale in its heyday.
RMS Segwun: Queen of Muskoka
The history of this celebrated Canadian ship and her sister vessels that made up the Muskoka Navigation Company fleet is thoughtfully explored, as is the long and significant past of steamboating on the Muskoka lakes. Historical and contemporary photograp
The Fossmill Story
by Doug & Paul Mackey
The Fossmill Story portrays life in an Ontario lumbering village during the 1920s boom years and the 1930s Great Depression, through images of logging operations, sawmills, forest fires, railway operations and Algonquin Park adventures.
The Kiosk Story
by Doug Mackey
The Kiosk Story focuses on the northwest corner of Algonquin Park and adventurers, loggers, and lumbermen who called the place home. From early Native activity of Chief Amable du Fond and his descendents to the present day, it's a dramatic tale.
When Giants Fall
by Gary Long and Randy Whiteman
Gilmour lumber company became a forestry giant, rising from early 1800s square timber dealer to major sawmiller for the American market. Gilmour relentlessly felled the forests of the Ottawa Valley then reached the treasure house of Algonquin pine.
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