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A Life Consumed
by Diane Sims
In 1923 Lilly Samson, teacher in a one-room school north of Sault Ste. Marie, contracted TB. A year later she entered a sanatorium in Gravenhurst, Canada. She died there but wrote a series of letters: a moving and thought-provoking look at TB in the 20s.
A Man and His Words
by J. Patrick Boyer
An author, journalist, researcher, editor, printer, and public speaker, Robert Boyer's life-long career with words began in ernest at age 19 when he became a newspaper editor, as his son Patrick recounts in this biography.
A Nineteenth-Century Algonquin Adventure
by James Dickson
Author James Dickson knew the Algonquin highlands better than anyone. His classic 1886 book is an account of a canoe trip, but more, it is a demonstration of woodland skills and a key to understanding Canadian essentials.
A Passion for Justice
by J. Patrick Boyer
Jim McRuer's eventful life on the path of the law took a long time getting started, and if not for two turning points in Muskoka, Canada's most famous law reformer might never have made it at all.
A Steamboat Captain's History of Muskoka
by Levi R. Fraser, edited by Richard S. Tatley
Captain Levi Fraser's 1940s history of Muskoka brings back to life our district's history with engaging portraits of our major lakes and towns, resorts and tourism, lumbering, boating, cultural life, newspapers, social and religious activity, local govern
A Struggle To Walk With Dignity
by Gerald Archambeau
Gerald A. Archambeau's life traces the leading edge of race relations in the workplace and shows how personal courage combined with a full repertoire of responses from a strong fist to detailed record-keeping of discriminatory practices and persistence in
Another Country, Another Life
by J. Patrick Boyer
Quiet Isaac Jelfs led many lives: a scapegoated law clerk in England; a soldier in the mad Crimean War; a lawyer on swirling Broadway Avenue in New York. His escape from each was wrapped in deep secrecy.
Arctic Twilight
by Leonard Budgell, edited by Claudia Coutu Radmore
In a series of beautifully crafted letters, former Hudson's Bay Company "servant" Leonard Budgell describes life in the Canadian north from the 1920s to the 1980s, as could only be done by someone who lived and worked there.
At Your Age?
by Eve Jones, Edith White, and Liam Dwyer
Starting with conversations on the back deck of the residence and ending with this book, these authors have painstakingly compiled and transcribed dozens of stories from the various and unique residents of their retirement home.
Beyond Mainland
by Nathan Tidridge
As soon as Nathan Tidridge’s canoe slipped into the waters of his beloved Buck Lake, the region would never be the same. Escaping from events at home, Tidridge created an empire in the pages of his journals from the lakes and islands surrounding…
Bracebridge Around 1930
by Robert J. Boyer
Author Robert Boyer remembers Bracebridge at a time when he was a youth and Muskoka's capital town was in transition with automobiles replacing the horse-and-buggy and pioneer era industries fading or closing with the Depression.
Bridge of Hope
by James W. Demers
This true story became a medical legend. Bracebridge nurse Rene Caisse provided a secret-forumula herbal tea to thousands of people desperate to fight their cancer. The medical establishment took exception, and battle on a second front ensued.
Browning Island, Lake Muskoka
edited by Robert Attfield
A memoir of Muskoka summers (and the odd winter) in the early 1900s: "food chilled by blocks of ice cut from the lake, a wandering cow munching oranges in the kitchen, excursions up the lake on elegant steamboats, a floating store that called at dock … "
Clinic of Hope
by Donna M. Ivey, foreword by J. Patrick Boyer
This is the story of Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, Canada, and describes her extraordinary struggle to obtain official recognition of Essiac, her herbal cancer remedy.
Cottage Daze
by James Ross
Cottage Daze celebrates life at the cottage where the cottage is the main character, and family, friends, pets, and fellow cottagers are the supporting cast.
Either Side of 55: Prospecting Adventures
by James Tough
Prospector and writer James Tough puts into words the daring exploits and dire experiences he encountered between 1962 and 1992 while prospecting in remote locations for valuable mineral deposits, in the process holding a mirror to northern and frontier r
English Bloods
by Frederick de la Fosse, edited by Scott D. Shipman
An illuminating and humorous biographical account of the "English Bloods" — young men sent to learn farming skills in Muskoka in pioneer times.
Grey Owl and Me
by Hap Wilson, Ingrid Zschogner
The 1930s Englishman who became Canada's aboriginal conservationist "Grey Owl" inspired naturalist writer Hap Wilson to follow his own meandering path into the wild. The result is this acount of bizarre and sublime adventures along the trail.
Memories of Magical Waters
by Gord Deval, foreword by Paul Quarrington
This book contains a richness of memories of sport fisherman Gord Deval's experiences on hundreds of streams, rivers, and lakes in Ontario and Quebec.
Northern Light
by Roy MacGregor
Roy MacGregor's fascination with Tom Thomson first led him to write Canoe Lake, a novel inspired by a distant relative's affair with one of Canada's greatest painters. Now, MacGregor breaks new ground, re-examining the mysteries of Thomson's life.
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