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A Good Town Continues
edited by Nancy Thompson
This follow-on chronicle of Bracebridge history, compiled by the town's 125th Anniversary Book Committee, picks up where Robert J. Boyer's history left off, with year-by-year accounts of local events from 1915 to 1999.
A Good Town Grew Here
by Robert J. Boyer
From arrival of first settlers in 1860 to world war in 1914, this year-by-year chronicle of Bracebridge details social life, governance, politics, commercial and economic growth, crime and punishment, sports and cultural activity in Muskoka's capital town
A Life Consumed
by Diane Sims
In 1923 Lilly Samson, teacher in a one-room school north of Sault Ste. Marie, contracted TB. A year later she entered a sanatorium in Gravenhurst, Canada. She died there but wrote a series of letters: a moving and thought-provoking look at TB in the 20s.
A Man and His Words
by J. Patrick Boyer
An author, journalist, researcher, editor, printer, and public speaker, Robert Boyer's life-long career with words began in ernest at age 19 when he became a newspaper editor, as his son Patrick recounts in this biography.
A Nineteenth-Century Algonquin Adventure
by James Dickson
Author James Dickson knew the Algonquin highlands better than anyone. His classic 1886 book is an account of a canoe trip, but more, it is a demonstration of woodland skills and a key to understanding Canadian essentials.
A Paddler's Guide to Algonquin Park
by Kevin Callan
With over 12,000 miles of canoe routes and nearly 400 lakes Algonquin Park is famous worldwide as a paddler's paradise. Kevin Callan has canoed these routes for two decades and his advice and descriptions of these 25 routes make it easy for you to join in
A Paddler's Guide to Ontario's Cottage Country
by Kevin Callan
Featuring 25 of the best canoe routes in Ontario's Kawarthas, Haliburton, Muskoka, and Georgian Bay regions, this guide is full of photos and original maps showing all access points, important river features, and accurate portage lengths.
A Passion for Justice
by J. Patrick Boyer
Jim McRuer's eventful life on the path of the law took a long time getting started, and if not for two turning points in Muskoka, Canada's most famous law reformer might never have made it at all.
A Steamboat Captain's History of Muskoka
by Levi R. Fraser, edited by Richard S. Tatley
Captain Levi Fraser's 1940s history of Muskoka brings back to life our district's history with engaging portraits of our major lakes and towns, resorts and tourism, lumbering, boating, cultural life, newspapers, social and religious activity, local govern
A Struggle To Walk With Dignity
by Gerald Archambeau
Gerald A. Archambeau's life traces the leading edge of race relations in the workplace and shows how personal courage combined with a full repertoire of responses from a strong fist to detailed record-keeping of discriminatory practices and persistence in
Algonquin Souvenir
by Michael Runtz
96 captioned photographs of Ontario's Algonquin Park, selected from the best work by an award-winning naturalist and nature photographer. Every facet of the park and its wildlife is captured.
Alligators of the North
by Harry B. Barrett and Clarence F. Coons
A Canadian invention that very few persons have heard of had a profound effect on the pine logging industry during the late 1800s and the early decades of the1900s. The logging of eastern white and red pine in Ontario's Ottawa Valley, the Georgian Bay and
Another Country, Another Life
by J. Patrick Boyer
Quiet Isaac Jelfs led many lives: a scapegoated law clerk in England; a soldier in the mad Crimean War; a lawyer on swirling Broadway Avenue in New York. His escape from each was wrapped in deep secrecy.
Arctic Twilight
by Leonard Budgell, edited by Claudia Coutu Radmore
In a series of beautifully crafted letters, former Hudson's Bay Company "servant" Leonard Budgell describes life in the Canadian north from the 1920s to the 1980s, as could only be done by someone who lived and worked there.
At Christmas Be Merry
by Robert Boyer
At Your Age?
by Eve Jones, Edith White, and Liam Dwyer
Starting with conversations on the back deck of the residence and ending with this book, these authors have painstakingly compiled and transcribed dozens of stories from the various and unique residents of their retirement home.
Beyond Mainland
by Nathan Tidridge
As soon as Nathan Tidridge’s canoe slipped into the waters of his beloved Buck Lake, the region would never be the same. Escaping from events at home, Tidridge created an empire in the pages of his journals from the lakes and islands surrounding…
by John de Visser & Judy Ross
Welcome inside 45 of the north country's most enticing boathouses: the rustic, the charming, the grand and the glamorous. Some date back to the nineteenth century and have changed little over the past 100 years; others are recent eye-catching additions to
Bracebridge Around 1930
by Robert J. Boyer
Author Robert Boyer remembers Bracebridge at a time when he was a youth and Muskoka's capital town was in transition with automobiles replacing the horse-and-buggy and pioneer era industries fading or closing with the Depression.
Bridge of Hope
by James W. Demers
This true story became a medical legend. Bracebridge nurse Rene Caisse provided a secret-forumula herbal tea to thousands of people desperate to fight their cancer. The medical establishment took exception, and battle on a second front ensued.
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