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  • A Nation Still Waits for Senate to “Vanish”
    In the Throne Speech for this current session of parliament, Prime Minister Harper’s government pledged: the senate will “either be reformed or, as with its provincial counterparts, vanish” – a poetic way to say be abolished. Before making this commitment, the … Continue reading
  • Senators in the Air
    Costly flights by three Conservative Senators in 2013, at a time the Senate expenses scandal had practices of Parliament’s upper house under investigation, seemed to go against standards of frugality Canadians want from public office holders. They also seemed politically … Continue reading
  • BMO trashes neighbourhoods, police, self
    Bank of Montreal posts guards at the entrance to its branches on a two-week rotation. From Vancouver’s Chinatown to Toronto’s Lakeshore, the appearance of a uniformed guard on the sidewalk beside the front door sends a signal that > the … Continue reading
  • John A. MacNaughton set the standard of integrity and patriotism
    Today’s funeral service in Toronto for John A. MacNaughton marks the end of a life that greatly enriched Canada and deeply inspired many people. John rose above the moil to see the greater possibilities. Whenever he spoke in public, his … Continue reading
  • Cross-Border Migration
    The current effort in the United States to contend with cross-border migration from Mexico (and the estimated eleven million illegal immigrants now stateside) is a fascinating counterpoint to the flow of people, especially of French-Canadians, who earlier entered the U.S. … Continue reading
  • Trains and Ontario’s Government — GO and Ontario Northland
    NDP leader Andrea Horwath calls on the McGuinty Liberal Government in Ontario to scrap its plans to sell off the Ontario Northland Railway as one of the conditions for her party’s support of Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s 2012 budget. Good. … Continue reading
  • Fitting Words
    William Shakespeare’s reminded us to “Fit the action to the word, the word to the action.” After the municipal election in Toronto, the Equal Voice organization dispatched an email headlined “Women Break Critical Mass in Toronto Election” and told of … Continue reading
  • When small is big
    You don’t always have to be big to make a large impact. In fact, Huntsville’s “doll lady” achieved international renown precisely because she was not big. In 1902, when 18 years old and fully developed, Cora Shay stood only 32 … Continue reading